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Installing Linux 4 Switch

Have you partitioned your microSD card?

This guide assumes that you've followed the NH-Server guide up until this point, your microSD card should be partitioned accordingly. If you didn't do so, see this page of our guide.

Linux 4 Switch is a sister project to Switchroot Android--it uses a similar kernel but provides a variety of Linux distributions.The available distributions at this time are:

  • Ubuntu Bionic (maintained by CTCaer, the primary dev of both the L4S kernel and hekate--this is the most stable and supported distro)

  • Ubuntu Jammy (maintained by theofficialgman, one of the primary devs of the L4T Megascript installer program)

  • Fedora 39 (maintained by azkali, a L4S kernel developer)

  • Lakka 5.x (maintained by gavin_darkglider, a L4S kernel developer and Lakka maintainer)

Looking for Arch?

Unfortunately, L4S Arch Linux is deprecated following an xorg ABI change that breaks compatibility with the Tegra210 BSP.

The installation

To install an L4S distribution, follow the official guide starting from 0. Linux Distributions.

  • Note: You can skip partitioning your microSD card since you partitioned your microSD card during the NH-Server guide. Start from step 4. during the Installation section.

This page was made in collaboration with makinbacon21 on Discord. See the collapsible section below for the L4S guide maintainers.

L4S Project Staff (Android / Linux)

If you'd like, you can donate to the people who made this project possible using these links.