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sys-clk is a sysmodule that allows you to overclock the hardware of your Switch. The usage, configuration and clock speed information can be found on the official Github repository here

Limits of sys-clk

sys-clk has limits for a reason, which is to not damage the hardware of your Switch. Using any modified version of sys-clk puts your Switch at risk of hardware failure. We do not support any modified version of sys-clk nor should you ever touch them. Overclocking is not something you should be doing 24/7 as overclocking in general will always degrade/wear out the hardware of your Switch faster and you should know what you're doing if you do decide to do so.

Installation requirements:

  • An archive manager like 7-Zip
  • The latest release of sys-clk (the sys-clk-(version).zip file)

Installation instructions:

  1. Boot into Hekate and go to Tools > USB Tools > SD Card, then plug your Switch into your PC via USB.
  2. Your microSD card should now be accessible on your PC, open it.
  3. Extract the .zip file to a location on your computer.
    • If your archive manager allows for it, you can also simply open the .zip file directly.
  4. Copy the contents of the (extracted) .zip file to the root of your microSD card.
    • Optional: You can verify if you've installed sys-clk correctly, you should have a folder called 00FF0000636C6BFF (sys-clk) in sd:/atmosphere/contents.
  5. Boot into CFW.

Basic usage instructions

Open the Homebrew menu and open sys-clk's manager app. This app allows you to change the global clock speeds or clock speeds based on title.


My Switch crashes on boot after I installed sys-clk!:

Cause: If your Switch crashes on boot, make sure you're using the latest release of sys-clk. If it continues to crash afterwards, see the troubleshooting step at the bottom of this page.


My Switch crashes while using sys-clk!:

Cause: You're either using a modified version of sys-clk and pushing the hardware of your Switch too far or your console is overheating. The cooling system of the Switch is not the best and overheating can be a cause of dried up thermal paste/lack of thermal paste. Overclock with caution and be careful, monitor the temperatures of your Switch using a Tesla-Menu overlay like Status-Monitor-Overlay (requires Tesla-Menu).


sys-clk isn't working!:

Assuming you've followed the installation instructions successfully, this is probably due to the archive bit being set on one or more folders/files on your microSD card. This is usually the result of copying files to a microSD card via a Mac. If you are experiencing this issue, try running the archive bit fixer utility via Hekate for all files.

This can be done by booting into Hekate and going to Tools > Arch bit • RCM Touch • Pkg1/2 > Fix Archive Bit.